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XP Deus with Remote and 11"... XP Deus with Remote and 11"...
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  • -R6,000.00

XP Deus with Remote and 11" X35 Coil

R15,499.00 R21,499.00

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is the first fully wireless metal detector with the coil, remote control and headphones all being wireless. There are no wires!

Rated as the best detector currently on the market for relic hunting, the XP DEUS will ensure you find Boer War relics and artifacts buried deep down.

XP WS Audio Wireless... XP WS Audio Wireless...
  • On sale!
  • -R400.00

XP WS Audio Wireless Headphones

R1,799.00 R2,199.00

The XP WS Audio Wireless Headphones aka Backphones are for use with the XP ORX Gold Detector. They provide loud and clear audio making it easy to hear those faint signals when prospecting for gold nuggets in Africa.