Big John Metal Detecting Sand Scoop - Large


The Big John Metal Detecting Sand Scoop size Large is a full round design with a long handle. It measures 21cm in diameter, 32cm deep and is perforated with 8mm drainage holes allowing for fast drainage. The 1m long handle is perfect for use in chest deep water and gives great leverage. The Big John Sand Scoop size Large is... big, perfect for scooping up your find before the next wave rolls in, it is a sand eater.

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Made entirely from 304 Stainless Steel is purposely designed and built for the South African metal detectorist in mind. The Big John Metal Detecting Sand Scoop is robust and will stand the test of time.

Make metal detecting on the beach and in the water a pleasure. Once you have detected using a sand scoop you will never go without it again, it just makes for easy digging and sand separation, leaving only the good stuff behind in the scoop. Use your foot to press the scoop deep into the sand, lean back on the handle and you will power your way through that sand in no time. Giving you more time detecting and less time digging.

The lanyard loop enables you to connect the sand scoop to your belt with a lanyard or string. This prevents the scoop from dropping to the ocean floor which is especially a pain when you are working chest deep in the surf.


Scoop: 21cm diameter, 32cm deep, 2.5mm Stainless Steel Grade 304
Drainage holes: 8mm
Handle: 1.1m long
Total height: 1.3m tall
Weight: 2kg
Stainless Steel: 304 Grade Stainless Steel, 2.5mm thick

Big John

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