Wynns Threadlocker Magnet Fishing


Wynns Nut Lock is the equivalent of Loctite and we recommend applying it to your Big John Fishing Magnet before first use. A thread lock adhesive prevents the fishing magnet bolt from coming loose through general usage which helps prevent losing your magnet.

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Nut-lock is a thread lock that prevents the fishing magnet bolt from coming loose through general usage, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock.

Many valuable fishing magnets have been lost through the bolt becoming undone. It is a sure way for your magnet fishing adventure to end in a bad way. Remember to always check your bolt before casting your magnet, even if you have applied a thread lock adhesive.

Other applications for Nut-Lock include studs, nuts, screws and any threaded fasteners.The adhesive is resistant to river, dam and sea water making it perfect for magnet fishing. It is also resistant to petrol, diesel, transmission fluid, anti freeze, and other chemicals.

Wynn’s Nut-Lock is a medium strength bond which requires 20Nm torque to loosen.

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