Big John Relic Spade – Max Edition


The Big John Metal Detecting Relic Spade is designed for detecting in fields and parks where you may have to dig a deeper hole than what a hand digger is capable of.

It is made from 2mm grade 204 stainless steel and has been manufactured with quality and strength in mind. This shovel features serrated and sharpened edges which makes for easy cutting through roots, sods and wads.

The shovel or blade part of the relic spade is tapered from top to bottom enabling you to pull out a neat plug.

The angled and curved blade lessens the chance of mud and clay sticking to the shovel as would be the case with a flat shaped spade.

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Shovel / Blade Length: 27cm long
Shovel / Blade Width: 16cm at the top, tapering down to a stubby point
Angled blade: Makes neat holes, prevents soil sticking to the blade
Serrated & Sharpened Edges: Cuts easily through roots, sods and wads
Total length: 96cm
Weight: 1.4kg
Stainless Steel: 304 Grade Stainless Steel, 3mm in thickness

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

As detectorists we try abide to Metal Detecting Code of Ethics and when it comes to digging holes it is alway recommended to use proper tools fit for purpose. The Big John Metal Detecting Relic Spade is designed with this in mind and enables you to dig neat plugs. We recommend using the semi-plug technique which allows the grass to remain connected to the root system giving the best chance to regrow, leaving no brown dead grass spots.

Remember to never dig and leave holes uncovered. Most importantly leave no trace except your footprints.

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Additional information


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