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The Cobra Gear 300kg fishing magnet is a single sided neodymium magnet, with stainless steel hook and a nickel coating.

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  • Breakaway Strength: 300 KG
  • Eyebolt: M10
  • Diameter: 94mm
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Weight: 1022g


The fishing magnet’s magnetic ends may show signs of wear due to strong forces and heavy impacts received. Throwing the fishing magnet into the water, they tend to hit rocks, hidden objects, and when latching on to metal, they do so with considerable force. Try to avoid areas with rocks as the fishing magnets can crack on impact with such objects.

Removing the magnets from the metal object also applies wear to the magnet as this is typically done by sliding and scraping the metal object off the magnet’s surface.

When used in water, especially seawater, you will see rust appear, where the protective coating has been pierced or warn through.

This kind of wear is normal and is expected, even after only a few uses, due to the above factors.

Keep magnets away from persons with pacemakers, electronics, and sensitive instruments such as avionics to avoid possible permanent damage or disruption in their use.

The magnets exert a tremendous crushing force if fingers and body parts are trapped between the magnet and metal objects. Keep magnets away from children.


  • Rinse the magnet off in fresh water after each use
  • Apply an anti-rust agent such as Q20 after each use
  • Leave a coating of an anti-rust agent on the magnet while in storage and between use
  • Avoid throwing or dropping the magnet into water where you know there are rocks and similar hard objects
  • Apply Loctite or similar nut locking agents to the thread of the eyebolt to prevent unthreading
  • After each throw check the eyebolt to ensure it is still tight and inspect the rope and knot for wear

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300 KG Single Sided Fishing Magnet - Cobra Gear Magnets


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