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    The PulseDive Scuba Detector is now available with the 8’’ coil only, ideal for users who do not need the pointer coil.

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    Designed for those who breakthrough the boundaries and redefine the underwater adventure, the Scuba Tector Pro is by far the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector we ever made.

    With a foldable and interchangeable coil, patented dual-hinge joint, extendable handle, larger battery capacity, and the powerful pulse induction system, the Scuba Tector Pro is the ultimate detector for beach or underwater. Waterproof to 60 metres.

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    Whether you are a professional diver, a vacationer or simply a detectorist who loves to search both on land and underwater, the PulseDive Pinpointer will provide you with unique features that will enrich your detecting experience.


    For the professional or recreational scuba diver, the PulseDive Scuba Detector can be used during dives up to 60m deep.

    Find lost treasures around shipwrecks or search for lost gold rings behind the waves. The PulseDive is a 2-In-1 detector and can quickly be converted into a Metal Detecting Pinpointer.

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    XP DEUS II, the first wireless, waterproof, simultaneous Fast Multi-Frequency metal detector with search frequencies as low as 4 kHz and as high as 45 kHz. It has no equal!

    Choose from any of the 12 built-in programs to best suit the terrain you are detecting in. Switch between simultaneous Fast Multi-Frequency or any of the 49 single frequencies ranging between 4 – 45 kHz. Save up to 12 of your favourite custom programs.

    The XP DEUS II Metal Detector is a versatile, all-terrain detector. Hunt for Anglo Boer War relics inland, scan the beach for gold rings and treasure, hit the parks to detect coins, or take it diving down to 20m. eXPlore like never before.


    Extreme Underwater Performance

    Minelab’s multi-frequency BBS technology, housed in a rugged platform, makes the Excalibur II the best deep diving underwater treasure detector available.