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XP Deus with Remote and 11"... XP Deus with Remote and 11"...
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XP Deus with Remote and 11" X35 Coil

R15,499.00 R21,499.00

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is the first fully wireless metal detector with the coil, remote control and headphones all being wireless. There are no wires!

Rated as the best detector currently on the market for relic hunting, the XP DEUS will ensure you find Boer War relics and artifacts buried deep down.

XP Gold Pan Premium Kit


XP Metal Detectors have worked with some of the industry\'s most respected gold prospecting professionals, to design and develop the XP range of Gold Panning kits. XP Metal Detectors offer you the very best Gold Prospecting equipment available.

200kg Single Sided - Big John Fishing Magnet


The 200kg Big John Fishing Magnet is a single sided Neodymium magnet also commonly referred to as a "pot magnet".

This Big John Fishing Magnet measures a wide 75mm in diameter for a larger surface area to catch underwater metal objects. It is 18mm in thickness making it an excellent choice for magnet fishing. Weing only 1kg it is light enough to carry in your backpack and take along hiking, boating or wherever your adventures take you. Despite it\'s compact size it still offers serious lifting strength of 200kg, perfect for magnet fishing.

Big John Hand Digger


The Big John Metal Detecting Hand Digger is an accessory and tool that every detectorist must have by default as part of their kit. It is especially useful when detecting in well-manicured lawns where you want to leave no trace that you had every detected there.

XP Wired Backphones


XP wired 3.5mm backphone with 6.3mm jack adapter, foldable in three parts, very light, fits around the back of the head with volume control. 

Can be used with any detector that accepts 3.5mm or 6.3mm headphone jack.