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XP Gold Pan Premium Kit

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XP Metal Detectors have worked with some of the industry's most respected gold prospecting professionals, to design and develop the XP range of Gold Panning kits. XP Metal Detectors offer you the very best Gold Prospecting equipment available.

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Included In The XP Gold Pan Premium Kit

  • 1 x XP Gold Prospectors 11" Gold Pan
  • 1 x XP Gold Prospectors 15" Gold Pan
  • 1 x XP Gold Prospectors 15" Gold Classifier 5mm Mesh
  • 1 x XP Gold Prospectors 15" Gold Classifier 10mm Mesh
  • 2 x XP Gold Collection Mini Specimen Tubes
  • 1 x XP Gold Collection Pipette
  • 1 x XP Gold Collection 150ml Suction Bottle
  • 1 x XP Gold Collection Vial
  • 1 x XP Loupe Magnifier

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Garrett Deluxe Gravity Trap...


  • 14″ Gold Trap™ pan
  • 15″ SuperSluice™ pan
  • 14″ Sifter/Classifier
  • 10″ Backpacker pan
  • Gold Guzzler bottle
  • 2 Gold vials
  • Tweezers/magnifier
  • How to Find Gold field guide by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal
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Garrett 14″ Sifter/ Classifier

14″ Sifter/Classifier

• Great for wet or dry conditions
• Sifts gold, jewelry, relics and debris
• Fits 5 gallon bucket
• 7/16″ (diagonally measured) exit holes

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Garrett Gold Pan 15″...

  • Traps fine gold to nuggets over 1 oz
  • Twin 1/2″ riffles
  • Deep throat funnel
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Garrett 14″ Gold Trap Pan


  • Expands the pan’s floor size by 33%, as compared to conventional 14″ gold pans.
  • Maintains the long panning surface and optimum angle necessary for effective panning.
  • Patent-pending design.
  • Allows gold to be driven down more efficiently to the large floor space.
  • Larger pan volume allows more material to be processed per pan.
  • Includes Garrett’s renowned riffles for trapping gold.
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XP Gold Prospecting...

The kit includes a set of accessories that will assist you in collecting, identifying and storing your gold finds: 2 mini tubes, a magnifier, a vial, a pipette, and a 150ml suction bottle.

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