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Metal detectors designed for gold nugget hunting.

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Garrett Goldmaster 24K Garrett Goldmaster 24K
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Garrett Goldmaster 24K


Goldmaster 24k Metal Detector – Take your prospecting to new depths.

  • Super Sensitive Gold Detector.
  • 48 kHz power: find more gold. Automatic Ground Balance (XGB Technology).
  • Iron and Hot Rock Elimination.
  • Rainproof detector with waterproof searchcoil.

Turn on and begin searching!

Minelab GPX 6000 Minelab GPX 6000
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Minelab GPX 6000


All gold. All soils. All the time. Find all gold, big and small, with this incredibly powerful gold detector. With advanced GeoSense-PI™ technology and two included coil options, you can detect gold more clearly with less interference.

Nokta Makro Gold Finder 2000


The easiest Gold Detector to use...

designed for the toughest gold fields in the world!

The Nokta Gold Finder 2000 Gold Detector offers gold prospectors an affordable, rugged and effective gold detector.

Minelab GPZ 7000


The Future of Gold Detection

With extreme depth and maximum sensitivity on all gold, the innovative GPZ 7000 gold detector takes you to the NEXT LEVEL of gold detection.

Minelab SDC 2300


All Terrain Gold Detecting

The SDC 2300 is a compact high performance mid-range gold detector perfect for chasing down elusive sub-gram nuggets on land & underwater

Garrett ATX (Deepseeker Package)


Garrett ATX with 20" (50 cm) Deepseeker and 10"x12" DD open searchcoil 

  • 20" (50cm) Deepseeker mono coil
  • Garrett MS-2 Headphones (waterproof headphones sold separately)
  • Military-grade Garrett hard case
  • 15" x 20" Closed coil cover (shown attached to searchcoil)
  • 10" x 12" Open coil cover
  • Garrett Detector Sling
  • AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Travel case

Garrett ATX (Basic Package)


ATX Basic packages  include:

Garrett ATX with 10"x12" DD open searchcoil 

  • Garrett MS-2 Headphones (waterproof headphones sold separately)
  • 10" x 12" Open coil cover
  • Garrett Detector Sling
  • Battery charger
  • AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries
  • Soft storage/travel case
  • DVD and Manual

Minelab GPX 5000

Superior Gold Detecting!

High performance MPS technology combined with the versatility of many search coil options make the GPX 5000 a favourite for serious prospectors.