Garrett AT Pro for Sale with 4 coils and extras

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  • Detector: Garrett AT Pro
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Garrett AT Pro Detector with new head unit (8 hours of use)

R20,000.00 ono within reason.

•    4.5 inch Super Sniper AT Searchcoil (with coil cover)
•    5" x 8" AT DD PROformance DD submersible searchcoil (with coil cover)
•    8.5" x 11" PROformance DD submersible searchcoil (with coil cover)
•    NEL Storm coil for AT Pro 13”x14” (with coil cover)
•    Extra battery pack holster
•    Garrett Original - Volume adjustable headphones (non-submersible)
•    Garrett Submersible headphones (blue)
•    1/4” headphone adapter [Allows land-use headphones with a 1/4” male jack to be used with the Garrett AT Pro. (Not intended for submerged use.)]
•    Operation Manual
•    New Treasure hunting vest
•    Pocket shovel
•    Travel shovel
•    Garrett Pin-pointer protective sleeve (pointer not included)
•    Pick ax with holster

I have owned this detector for two years and it is an amazing detector. I love this hobby so much I am upgrading to the next level. The head unit on this device is new and I have only used it for eight hours. I replaced it because I found a great deal for a new AT Pro and just kept the new head unit and sold the other pieces with my old head unit. It is the US model which simply means that the static display above the screen has US currency coins pictured. There are some scuffs on the lower portion of the plastic tube from sliding it in and out. I primarily used it with the 5x8 DD coil as my favorite coil. I have never used the NEL storm or the sniper coil. All of the coils are in excellent condition and all include coil covers. The 8.5x11 coil cover has a small crack on one side.

There are more photos on Facebook Marketplace and Bid or Buy, or you can contact me for more details.

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Garrett AT Pro for Sale with 4 coils and extras
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