Trade In

Are you looking to upgrade your old metal detector?

We can accept a trade-in on select models of metal detectors, if we have a need for them at the time. Please let us know which machine you have and we will assess whether we are able to trade it in and the pricing we are able to offer you.

Your trade-in metal detector must be in full 100% working condition and must not be damaged in any way.

Please send an email to and let us know the following:

  1. The make and model of your detector you would like to sell or trade-in.
  2. The price you hoping to receive for the trade-in.
  3. The make and model of the detector you would like to purchase from us.
  4. The condition of your detector for trade-in (with a picture if possible).
  5. How old the detector is and if there is any warranty left.
  6. Does it still have the box, manual and all accessories - if not, let us know what is missing.
  7. Let us know your location so we can consider the courier fees if required.