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Detect-Ed Treasure Pouch


The Land & Sea Treasure Pouch is low profile treasure bag. Purpose-built for Metal Detecting on the land or at the beach. It features two zip pockets to separate finds, the rubberized internal mesh allows water to drain out whilst still holding the finest targets such as chains and earrings.

Nokta Makro Finds Pouch


The Nokta Makro Finds Pouch enables you to safely store your finds as well as keep trash separated from your finds while metal detecting. There are three zippered pockets available to utilise.

Minelab Carry Bag


Provides convenient transport and storage for your detecting essentials. Suitable for all Minelab detectors except for Go-Find series and SDC 2300.

Nokta Makro Universal Metal... Nokta Makro Universal Metal...
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Nokta Makro Universal Metal Detecting Backpack


The Nokta Makro Multi-Purpose Backpack is a must-have for every detectorist. The detector backpack features various padded compartments and pockets, including a huge main compartment capable of storing multiple detectors. Padded shoulder straps, a weight-bearing waist belt, and breathable padding along the back enable you to carry all your detectors and detecting gear comfortably.

Garrett All-Purpose Backpack


Approximately 21″ interior height x 13″ width. Will hold a disassembled Garrett metal detector. Includes: adjustable straps; zippered front accessory pocket; interior searchcoil pouch; pair of side pouches to hold drinks.

Garrett All-Purpose Carry Bag


Reinforced polyester, 50″ length with two zipper pockets. Includes convenient shoulder strap and carrying handles with padded hand-pad.

Sized to hold any current Garrett detector without removing searchcoil.