Nokta Makro The Legend

The Legend has launched!

Nokta Makro continues to knock down barriers by launching their latest waterproof simultaneous multi frequency metal detector, which by the specs, looks like a very impressive machine.

The Simplex+ was the companies breakthrough machine in the market, proving that you can really pack a lot of features on to a detector at an entry level price point. Nokta Makro had listened to the needs of their customers and added the features they wanted, all while keeping the costs low – and it proved to be really successful.

The Simplex+ may be a great value for money detector, however it does have its drawbacks. It runs only on one frequency (12 kHz) while it’s competitors were bringing out simultaneous multi frequency metal detectors to the market at a similar price point.

If you would like to read up more on frequencies and the benefits of simultaneous multi frequencies, click here to read the article:

The Simplex+ also had a wobble in the lower shaft when it was first released, flexed way too much, so Nokta Makro came out with a fix by which you could place a little plastic piece in the shaft but it really didn’t help as much as it should have, and it still flexes too much for my liking. So they came out with a carbon fibre lower shaft which sells separately, and that does in fact solve the issue.

Simplex+ works great on most ground conditions but being waterproof, the beach is where you going to want to take it if you live near the coast. This is where I have a love / hate relationship with the Simplex. I love the fact that its waterproof and that it can work at the beach but (and it’s a big BUT), you have to dial in the settings correctly to get it run as stable as possible on the wet sand or in the water. This means, going into the settings, dialling down the ground balance to zero in most cases for my local beaches, dropping the sensitivity down and only then you pretty much good to go – but at the cost of depth. It’s definitely not the deepest machine I have used in the wet sand or in water. However, and this is where the love comes straight back in, you just can’t find a lower priced machine that is fully waterproof and that can work on the beach. If you wanted a machine that can go deeper and work flawlessly at the beach, you better get out your wallet and pay for a much more expensive machine.

This is where The Legend comes in… and we welcome it with open arms. Now bear in mind I have not tested this machine yet but just going according to what was spoken at the live launch event and on the specs of the machine but it seems it will fill that gap. For customers who want to be able to use a machine at the beach, this machine is waterproof like its Simplex+ brother, but with its simultaneous multi frequencies and other upgrades, they claim this machine will work fantastically well at the beach, out the box, without even needing to ground balance. A pretty much turn on and go beach machine which should punch deeper and be a pleasure to use in most conditions.

It comes standard with a carbon fibre lower shaft, so should be no wobble issues like the original Simplex had and also boasts some new features such as the FerroCheck feature. This new feature makes it super easy to distinguish between modern trash like bottle caps and good targets. If it works as advertised, this new feature could be a game changer as FerroCheck saves you time by digging less trash!

The next newest feature is the addition of a Gold Prospecting mode. If out hunting for elusive little nuggets, just simply switch to this new mode and hunt away. Again, this is where all those extra frequencies really come into play into making this a truly versatile detector.

The detector will be sold in two versions, the WHP version and the Pro Pack version. It is important to note, that both versions will contain exactly the same detector, you just get added extra products with the Pro Pack version.

Both versions come with The Legend detector, the Bluetooth aptX wireless headphones, and a 11″ DD search coil. The Pro Pack adds and extra smaller 6″ coil as well as a waterproof external spare battery and charger.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Simplex+ is still a very capable entry level machine and will continue to be a great value machine for the price. The Legend is not here to replace the Simplex, it will cost more than the Simplex and it’s to fill a gap in their lineup for those wanting or needing even more from their machine.

If you would like to find out about all the features of this new machine, or would like to order, you can click here to view the product: