Minelab Equinox 600/800 Update 2.0

The latest update for the Minelab Equinox series of metal detectors has been released. If you have not updated yours already, here is a brief run down on how to do it and why you should be doing it.

Follow this link to download the latest Minelab Update Utility (MUU) to your computer (you can choose a windows or mac version depending on your computer): https://www.minelab.com/equinox-software-update-2-0?fbclid=IwAR38OUO6DpuSjdwSUtP2WvV3x5DKUfVIX1hF6-3iLlcsUJnNd_MV-fbHRnM

Once the MUU is downloaded, open the application and follow these instructions:

1. Connect the EQUINOX to the computer USB port using the magnetic charging cable and turn on the detector.
2. When the EQUINOX is identified, the MUU will communicate with the detector and determine the current software version.  
3. If an update is available, the MUU will display Updates are available for your detector. Click INSTALL to begin the upgrade or QUIT to close the MUU.
4. If the metal detector is up to date, the application will display Your detector is up to date and prompt you to QUIT the application.
5. The EQUINOX screen will go blank during the update; a green LED on the top left corner of the control box will blink rapidly while the update is in progress.
6. Installation will take approximately 1 minute.Once the upgrade is complete, the EQUINOX will restart and the MUU will prompt you to disconnect the detector and QUIT the application.Note: Close the application and reopen if updating multiple EQUINOX detectors 


Difficult ferrous targets — the common enemy for all detectorists. That is until EQUINOX. Hit the download on our EQUINOX update to make those pesky bottle caps, rusty nails and other falsing targets a thing of the past. Fire up the Minelab Update Utility and you’re on your way. It’s simple. You’ll experience the enhanced Iron Bias feature, improved EQUINOX 600 backlight and much more.

Improved Iron Bias

Iron Bias has been enhanced with the addition of a new Iron Bias settings profile. The original EQUINOX Iron Bias ‘FE’ settings will still be available, but there is now the option to switch to the new Iron Bias ‘F2’ settings, which have an improved capability to reject a much wider range of difficult iron targets, including bottle caps.

EQUINOX 600 Backlight Brightness

The EQUINOX 600 now has the ability to adjust the backlight brightness to an additional ‘Low’ setting that matches the minimum setting on the EQUINOX 800. This ‘Low’ brightness is ideal for detecting at night and in low light conditions.


It’s great that Minelab is able to provide us with these updates. For the detectorists with the Equinox 600 that enjoy hunting at night will find a huge difference with the screen brightness. Previously there was only two settings: Very bright and Off, which the bright setting was too bright at night and most people would choose to switch the brightness off completely. Now we can enjoy a nice dim screen backlight during our night hunts.

The new iron bias looks like a neat upgrade to which will help with those rusty bottle cap signals. What used to sound like a good digging signal will now be eliminated completely or made to sound like an iffy, jumpy signal.

The one thing to bear in mind though, is after the update the new iron bias setting has not been selected. You need to manually change this in settings as follows:

In the settings menu, get to the recovery speed setting and then press and hold down the setting button for approx 2 seconds. This will take you from the recovery speed setting to the iron bias setting and you will see “Fe” on the screen. “Fe” is the original iron bias setting, you will need to press the accept/reject button to change this to “F2” which means the new and improved iron bias setting is set.

You will need to change this on each and every mode you would like to change the iron bias setting. For example you may choose to keep “Fe” setting on Park mode 1 but the new “F2” setting on Park mode 2 etc.

I look forward to digging less rusty bottle caps and enjoy the new dimmer brightness on the screen. Thank you Minelab, may you continue to send us new improvements as they become available.