Short Film On Metal Detecting

Not only do I enjoy metal detecting but also love dabbling around with the camera (both photography and videography) and have had this burning desire to create a short film on metal detecting for some time now.

Of course what I had in mind and what the final outcome of the film turned out to be was complete opposites! I was thinking more actors, dialogue – something more along the lines of the series “Detectorists” but on a much smaller scale with much less of a budget (aka zero budget).

But in the end, I settled on me, myself and I as the actor, camera operator, drone flyer, voice over artist, editor, scriptwriter and producer and let me tell you, its hard work, damn hard. This film is only 5 minutes long but it took many days of planning, shooting and editing… Usually I am a film one day and upload the same day kind of guy – not this one, this was special and I wanted it to be more than just another metal detecting vlog.

One of my biggest regrets was wearing shorts in the shoot as I did not realise that there were these ants around on the fields I was shooting, and let me tell you, when they bit you, it felt like your leg was on fire. Itchy and on fire. Extremely itchy in fact. Since day one was done with the drone footage, I had to keep the shorts to keep consistency in the video so on the next location, the ants were back, and so were the bites.

At the end of the day I am pretty happy with the outcome of the short film but its far from over, I still want to create something more, something different.

As to what that exactly is, you will have to wait and see – because not even I know right now.

The film is featured below so please have a watch and let me know your thoughts.