Featured Quest Detectors

  • Quest V80

    The Quest V80 metal detector is equipped with the new HyperQ multifrequency technology, which covers a frequency range of 5-60kHz. With this technology, the detector achieves high accuracy and search versatility.

    The V80 is waterproof up to 5 meters and features a flat collapsible carbon rod, which allows easy transportability in a backpack. The detector comes with Quest Wirefree Pro Bluetooth headphones and is equipped with a large Blizzard double-D Coil that provides excellent depth performance.

    With the built-in 5600mAh battery, you can perform between 10-15 hours of search on a full charge.

  • Quest X5

    The Quest X5 Metal Detector is a detector you can share with your entire family. It comes with our TurboD double D coil for best performance. With only 945 gram unit weight and swappable middle stem, it can be transformed into a junior detector.

    The extreme intuitive operation MENU enables you jump into it with no learning curve.


    The Xpointer is a mini detector that concentrates its detection power at the tip, allowing for faster and more accurate target location.

    Waterproof to 5m.


    One Quest for all quests – Park and Field, Beach, Underwater, Gold Field

    The all new Quest Q35 – selectable frequencies of 5 / 13 / 21 kHz, fully waterproof to 5m, wireless audio, compact and lightweight.

Featured Minelab Detectors


    Minelab’s most powerful detector yet, Manticore finds targets faster, more clearly, and in even the most challenging environments.

    With impressive capabilities and technologies, nothing will go undetected.

    Manticore brings power, precision and accuracy to detecting in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

  • Out of Stock

    Stand out from the crowd and step-up your detecting game with the all-new X-TERRA PRO treasure detector by Minelab.

    Out of the box, simply set your detector to match your terrain with Park, Field and Beach Search Modes and leave all the hard work up to the detector to start unearthing the treasure you seek.

    As your skills improve, X-TERRA PRO offers room to grow with PRO-SWITCH (Switchable Frequency Technology), so you can set it to 5, 8, 10, or 15 kHz at the press of a button and take control of any environment or situation that comes your way.

    Fully IP68 waterproof to 5 m (16 ft) and loaded with features like 5-audio modes, control pod flashlight, and handgrip vibration you’ll be detecting like a pro from the moment you start swinging.


    The EQUINOX 700, driven by Minelab’s proven ground-breaking Multi-IQ technology, boasts an impressive 119 High Resolution Target ID system, superior target separation, and is fully waterproof to 5 m (16 ft) with IP68 rating.

    With upgrades like its 3-piece carbon-fibre collapsible shaft system and advanced audio controls, plus fully-loaded features including Control Pod Flashlight and Handgrip Vibration there’s never been a better time to join the Minelab EQUINOX revolution.


    OVERVIEW VANQUISH 340: perfect for anyone starting out in detecting. You don’t need more features. You need the right features. That’s why the VANQUISH 340 comes standard with Multi-IQ technology, waterproof V10 coil and audio control.

    As simple as it is powerful, the VANQUISH 340’s compact and lightweight construction delivers results — no matter where the hunt takes you.

Featured Nokta Detectors


    Spend less time searching and turn minutes into seconds with its accurate pinpointing, groundbreaking iron discrimination, customisable settings, and advanced LED colour screen, making it both easy and effective to use. It’s a must-have metal detecting accessory that combines Nokta’s reliability with groundbreaking features.


    The Nokta Score SMF Metal Detector fills an important gap in the metal detecting world by offering Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (SMF) search technology, fully waterproof down to 5 meters, at an accessible price.

    Ideal for beach detecting, it represents a step up from high-end single frequency detectors and is positioned just before more expensive, advanced SMF models, providing an affordable yet capable option.

    This makes the Score a standout choice for detectorists who seek the enhanced performance of SMF technology for both inland relic hunting and beach detecting.

  • Nokta Legend PromoNokta Legend
    From R12999


    Free Nokta AccuPoint Pointer included with all packages.

    Nokta’s first simultaneous multi frequency metal detector The LEGEND is loaded with features that makes it the best multi-purpose detector, adaptable for all types of targets and ground conditions.

    This “legendary” metal detector offers exceptional performance in the toughest conditions in its world-praised robust and waterproof design and comes at a price that sets a new standard in the industry.

    Its depth and advanced discrimination capability in trashy sites along with its silent and stable operation on the beach and underwater will captivate all land and beach hunters.

    The LEGEND is equipped with specifications that are suitable also for gold prospectors to be able detect those small gold nuggets in highly mineralized gold fields.

  • Simplex BT

    The Nokta SIMPLEX New Generation series boasts all new aesthetics, enhanced technical performance, fully waterproof up to 5 m (16 ft) and all at an impressive reduced weight of 1.2kg (2.6lbs).

    SIMPLEX continues to be unrivalled in terms of making quality metal detecting available and affordable for all by offering 3 different models at different price levels. Whether you’re a beginner or you want an affordable yet powerful detector, SIMPLEX has you covered!

    The Nokta SIMPLEX has advanced in many ways: Hardware, software, design, ergonomics… yet one thing has stayed the same: Worldwide proven performance and success backed up by a company that cares!


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