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Title: Cheapskate score...
Post by: George on February 27, 2018, 02:24 PM
I think I found another underdog...

If you need something on a budget. I'll be testing it in a couple of weeks.
These are on ubuy for R950. It's risky for whatever the reason.. they won't stay that way.
Finally something that motivates the combined shipping for the GP pointer as well.

It looks like it has a little something extra over it's predecessor the lone star pro judging by the reviews.

This is a real strip down detector... for someone on a really tight budget. It has no numeric view but it has indication and notch, and of course the ability to slap on a larger coil. If it's a dud, then I managed to get a nice shaft for a home build.

Title: Re: Cheapskate score...
Post by: George on March 12, 2018, 11:31 AM
This time, I might have been wrong on both accounts.

The GP pointer worked and then it didn't and then it would not stop sounding.
Broke the push button when I tried to investigate... Will fix it later. If I can't, then I'll build a DIY pinpointer into the housing.

The Tracker Pro.. It's air tests put's a G2 to shame.. including some teeny blobs of solder..
It's ground penetration is horrible on roodepoord red earh. Sticking a clad 20c to the coil induces some ground balance and does fix it to the extent that I can get a silver 6pence at 3inches and pick up on the pop rivet heads on the lawn. Maybe it's the coil. It's a strange machine, and it's really scaled down for manufacturing cost.. It doesn't have a middle piece shaft like the technetics does.. it just has the upper stem and a really long plastic stem.

All it really does is remind you what a value for money machine the eurotek is. The bandido I built doesn't have the recovery speed and items mask easily but it will sit well on the light shaft. It doesn't mind a 4,5inch 6pence.