RingSeekers.com – Finding Lost Rings

In part with growing the Treasure Hunters community and in response to the growing number of requests I receive to assist people with locating lost items, I have developed a new site which is an online directory of metal detectorists.

The directory will allow people to search for metal detectorists in their area and contact them directly to see if they can assist in searching for the lost item.

So many people lose valuable rings and other jewellery pieces at the beaches and elsewhere, and this is a great platform to allow those people to get that one last chance of getting help to find their lost valuables.

If you are a metal detectorist and would like to add yourself to the database, please visit the site and sign up using our quick and easy signup process. Its free to signup!

Have you lost a ring at the beach? Looking to locate a metal object in your garden? No problem, visit the site and search for a detectorist in your area who will be able to assist you by using their metal detectors to locate the object.

Visit http://www.RingSeekers.com

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