Reality of detecting

I love reality shows, I really do but with so much competition of reality tv shows on the market today, the media production houses seem to have taken the ‘reality’ out of reality tv shows.

I was watching “American Digger” with Ric Savage and they happened to stumble upon this buried metal milk canister whilst detecting. They got it out of the ground and found it was actually someones buried treasure which was filled with pennies and coins from back in the day. What happened next out of nowhere, they found a pouch which was buried in amongst the coins, and to everyones suspense, in the pouch was a 1907 $20 double eagle gold coin which they estimated a worth value of $30 000.

Now, I cant prove, nor do I want to prove that this was fake – but lets be honest, it would be a pretty boring tv show if all they found was bottle tops and pull tabs! I am convinced they plant “good finds” in order to make the show more exciting…

Either way, fake or not, its these kind of shows that still trigger our interest to get out there and hopefully find some gold, silver or rare items. Well it did for me anyway, so I decided to get up at the crack of dawn and hit a park I have never detected before, just down the road from where I stay behind a large shopping mall.

I have not detected in a while, so this was actually rather exciting, especially since the 1907 double eagle was fresh in my mind from the TV show I watched the night before.  From the moment I switched on my detector, I got signal after signal, right next to each other. This place was full of metal, so I decided to turn on the discrimination pattern on my Etrac to find only coins and started the hunt…

On my first signal, I dug and found some metal junk, oh well, in the pouch it goes to help clean up the park, however on the same hole I dug my Pro Pinpointer had found another signal. A light dig later and a coin! Excitement quickly dissipated when I discovered it was only a 2009 five cent coin – but still, a coin! Into the seperate section of my pouch for my finds did the 5c coin go. (My pouch is divided into two sections, one for finds and one for junk)

Thereafter it was signal after signal, dig after dig, junk after junk! Pull taps, bottle tops, metal wrappings and just peoples litter everywhere! It was hard work and the only reward was knowing that I had cleaned up the park… a lot!

At the end of my session, I had 1 find in the good section of my pouch, and the junk side was full. I guess this is more the reality of detecting, rather than what we see on the TV shows.

One thing we can learn from this – please don’t litter – its not fair to the environment, nor to the detectorist trying to find some treasure.

mike silverman - January 24, 2014 - 3:26 am

Your article is really amazing. That is the life of metal detectorist. Sometimes, things will not go on our way. And, that is just part of life. Whoever you are, you will surely experience such way of life.

Well… when it comes to metal detecting, in order to become fortunate in treasure hunting, I advice you to also considering where or what places to search to. Swimming areas are a most likely jewelries and coins tend to lost and found.

Iván Suárez Montes - February 9, 2014 - 6:57 pm

Really good the post. Thank you for sharing your experiences and to do it so well

Natasha Wilmot - March 18, 2014 - 6:53 am

I also watched Diggers and the others on the TV and although they were great fun and certainly inspiring, I did notice a lot of comments on the likes of Utube that, although they did find these items, these shows were re enactments! I often did wonder how on the shows, they suddenly had an excavator just around the corner 🙂

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