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A Beach Hunters Tale – 2014

I don’t often include other peoples articles in my blogs but I came across this one today and thought it would be a really great article to end off the year with. It is written by a local South African metal detectorist (or treasure hunter as I prefer to call him) who has done exceptionally well […]

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Detecting accessories

There are so many different metal detecting accessories on the market – as they say, too many choices leads to much confusion. I will give you an insight as to what accessories I have found most useful in making my hunting easier but ultimately you will need to decide for yourself what will work best […]

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Reality of detecting

I love reality shows, I really do but with so much competition of reality tv shows on the market today, the media production houses seem to have taken the ‘reality’ out of reality tv shows. I was watching “American Digger” with Ric Savage and they happened to stumble upon this buried metal milk canister whilst […]

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